Dryer Puffs


To help your laundry come out of the dryer feeling soft and smelling heavenly of Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, Peppermint, Grapefruit–oh, the possibilities are endless! Here’s all you have to do. Roll up four or five balls of wool yarn to about the size of a tennis ball. Keep in mind, your yarn must be 100% wool, or this won’t work.


Now, stuff one ball down to the end of a nylon sock…


and tie a knot very close to the yarn ball.


Keep adding until you have all the balls of yarn tied in the sock securely, with a knot in between them.


Throw the whole thing in with the next washing load that you intend to wash on HOT.  Once they are washed, dry them in a hot dryer.


Once they’re dry, cut them out of the nylon sock and you’ll have the most adorable felted wool balls that you could possibly imagine.


Lastly, add 4 or 5 drops of your favorite doTERRA Essential oil to each ball. That’s it! Now, toss them in the dryer with your next load and be ready for your clothes to smell amazing!

You’ll need to add more oil after 5 or 6 loads.

Oh, and have fun keeping these fun things away from your kids. They seem to think they’re just deliciously scented bouncy balls and they’re liable to turn up in the toy box.


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I am not a doctor and these ideas are not to be taken as medical advice– they are simply what works for us. If you are using oils for therapeutic purposes, make sure you are using a high-quality oil. I use and love doTERRA oils.
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